Goldtop England

Goldtop tyyliin ja laatuun on luotettu moottoripyöräilevien ihmisten keskuudessa vuodesta 1951. Klassista tyyliä perus Brittiläiseen henkeen.

The Goldtop brand has, for 65 years, been synonymous amongst motorcycle enthusiasts with the production of the highest quality motorcycle clothing and apparel. This earned them the slogan of "known and recommended everywhere" as all motorcycle riders from the public to police force were proud to say that they were wearing Goldtop.Goldtop's most famous product is its iconic Goldtop Trophy tall motorcycle police boot. Made in England from chrome bovine leather, these boots were the staple product for both your average rider and the UK police force throughout the 1970s.

Goldtop - "known and recommended everywhere"

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